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At 24-years of age, Mikaela Phillips is one of Australia’s most youngest and emerging breakout talents!


TV Producer, Actress and Presenter, Mikaela already has worldwide credits under her belt, has broken records in her fields and she doesn’t plan on stopping there!

Known for her work in both producing and acting as Lead character, Faith Morgan in the Australian TV Drama Series ‘Counter Play’, the series has completed two seasons that air on Australia’s Channel 9/9GEM and officially premiered worldwide on Amazon Prime in August 2018. The series is also currently in negotiations with networks in NZ, Europe, Asia and Canada. 

Working alongside with her mother Chrys Phillips - who is also the creator, writer and director behind Counter Play, the mother daughter duo are often referred to by fans and media as the Australian Gilmore Girls and have both set the record of becoming the first Australian females to ever take an indepedently produced series (no government or screen guild assistance/funding) to not only a commercial network like Nine but to a titan, worldwide streaming platform like Amazon. Mikaela and Chrys work collaboratively within their production company and currently have a new TV Drama in pre-production titled Never Tell.

Aside from her work as an actress and producer, Mikaela is also a wonderful and one of a kind presenter and host. Mikaela’s charismatic and innovative conversational style of reporting led her, at the young age of 18, to become the youngest person ever to become a host for the world’s largest online network, Afterbuzz TV. Creating content and interviewing for the network in LA and heading up their Australian division as of 2015, Mikaela has procured and secured exclusive interviews with some of today’s biggest names in TV, film, music and social media platforms, with all her interviews being in the top three Youtube results. 

This Aussie girl doesn't just stop at one! A driven, self-motivated, charismatic and young diverse talent, Mikaela keeps herself busy! When Mikaela isn’t working, she can be found soaking up the warm sun and sea breezes on the beach as a self-proclaimed beach babe, cooking and consuming plentiful amounts of chocolate! Mikaela currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 


Mikaela continues to defy all the conventional instincts of someone her age and this is only the beginning for her…