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Top Twenty Women of the Year - 2024 Award Recipient


Hailing from the beautiful coastal shores of Australia, Mikaela Phillips is an accomplished Producer, Actress & Presenter. Her journey into the world of entertainment, began from the early age of six starting out in Theatre, however she began her professional career as an entertainment host on Afterbuzz TV (USA) where she went on to become well known amongst audiences for her exclusive trending interviews and one of a kind reporter style and magnetic charisma. 

After her time at Afterbuzz TV, Phillips received international prominence and critical acclaim for starring as Faith Morgan in the TV Drama Series Counter Play (2016–2018), which she also executive produced alongside her mother, writer/director Chrys Phillips. Working with her mother, the two are often referred to by fans and in the media, as the real-life Gilmore Girls - a reference to the relationship between characters Lorelai and Rory Gilmore on the hit Warner Bros. 2000s TV series.

Since 2018, Phillips has been creating, developing and producing content under their production company bracket for the likes of ViacomCBS, MTV, Awesomeness Films & Netflix. In 2020, despite the world being in a global pandemic, Phillips still worked a lot! 2020 saw her take; Lead Presenter on a social awareness campaign for the Great Barrier Reef alongside fellow Aussie Alli Simpson, she was the official MC & Host for Brisbane’s annual fashion festival and she also went on to produce two feature films! Her debut movie titled Madison and the Happiness Jar premiered June 2021 to five star reviews worldwide on streaming platforms. Following on from that, she was brought onto the US comedy film Malibu Crush personally by James Pratt to help produce. Malibu Crush has won 25+ film festival awards and premiered September 15th 2022 at the TCL Chinese Theatre Hollywood.

Phillips is also the recipient of various awards such s Best Young Film Maker Award 2021, named 30 Producers to Watch Under 30 and Deluxe Versions magazine's Top Twenty Women of the Year 2024.

Her expertise extends beyond the screen, where Mikaela has been a judge for multiple festivals and awards including, the prestigious International Stevie Awards and Women in Business Awards, Sydney Web Fest (SWF) and Ethos Film Festival.

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