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Actor & Model (Wilhelmina LA)

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mikaela on both a TV pilot and a feature film - and I can say from experience that she’s as hardworking as they come. She’s talented, she creates a great set environment for all involved and she’s just generally a great person to know / work with! I loved my experience getting to work with Mikaela and the team she put together & look forward to seeing more awesome work from her!"




(Pirates of the Caribbean, Madison & the Happiness Jar, The Rise of Billy Jones)

"I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Mikaela on two feature film projects (where I was Cinematographer). I have been working professionally in the Film and Television industries for many years with highly skilled crew/actors and Mikaela fits in the mould easily. She continues to impress as she filled multiple hats on both productions. Mikaela's skills and knowledge I found extremely refreshing,  together with her professionalism, ethics and commitment in all her dealings with work and people inspiring. I strongly recommend Mikaela to any employer."


Phil Svitek

Afterbuzz TV Media Group

"I knew Mikaela as a host during our time at AfterBuzz TV. She was always a standout performer— knowledgable and engaging. This is both a testament to her talent and her work ethic. Everyone could always tells how much preparation Mikaela put into everything she was a part of. She saw every moment as an opportunity without ever making it about her. The goal always was to deliver value to the audience, and she did. Though I've never worked with her directly beyond that, I have seen the results of her producing and acting on other projects and I'm always impressed but never surprised."



Pratt Films

" Mikaela is a special talent and someone I highly recommend within the film industry. Mikaela worked on my feature film, Malibu Crush and demonstrated an exceptional skill set, she is easy to work with and also is a great problem solver an essential skill in this industry. Outside of work I have found Mikaela to be a kind human and someone full of integrity. Whether it be high skillsets, professionalism or integrity I fully recommend Mikaela."



Los Angeles, CA

"Mikaela is one of the hardest working people I've ever met in this industry and equally one of the must humble and sincere! Mikaela assisted me when I required help producing content for my numerous DJ gigs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. She was easy and pleasant to work with, diligent and understood what was required and delivered effortlessly. I'd be happy to recommend Mikaela to anyone and fully support her thriving career as a Producer."



Golin - PR Agency

"I recently had the privilige of working with Miki on a campaign for a client of mine (Messenger). In particular this campaign had various roadblocks which made the process more lengthy and required more from those influencers that decided to participate.  


Miki was always professional in her dealings with us and fast to respond to any requests that we made. The content that she developed was on brand and the copy that accompanied the images was well executed, including all the messaging required."


Niki Teleja

Director of Designer Q Australia

"I would like to start off by saying that my time spent with Mikaela Philips at the 2020 Designer Q fashion festival was nothing short of amazing. We hired Mikaela to host our annual fashion festival in Brisbane and her professionalism and abilities to stand in front of a large crowd, paid off in all our expectations. We really loved the way Mikaela used the runway as her stage, engaging eye contact with our guests and moving around the runway while speaking. Not only did Mikaela come dressed appropriately and looked stunning, but she held her sturdy voice the entire night. I have no doubt in my mind that we would love to work with Mikaela again on any occasion."



Marketing & Events Manager - Split

"Mikaela Phillips is professional and organised in every way possible. She's truly passionate about the people she represents and takes time understanding what the client's needs are for a given event. I had the opportunity to get to know and work with Mikaela for event talent bookings, and I'm truly looking forward to utilising her vast network and industry knowledge in the near future."



Sales & Events

"Liasing alongside Mikaela Phillips (and Chrys) has been nothing short of a wonderful and professional experience. These women are the changing face of TV production in Australia and we are happy and proud to support them on their journey."

Bayside Actor's Studio

Kate - Director

"Mikaela conducted herself in such an engaging and professional manner and showed that her vast knowledge and grasp of the industry at such a young age, is truly extraordinary and that she was a great role model and speaker for our students to hear from."

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